The Heart

Sitting in the office. Thinking. When will this ever end?
Thoughts come and go, my world is going in circles.
I want the spinning to stop. I cry out to the Lord- stop this from happening.
My heart feels like it has been shattered into two. Many times I feel like picking it up and sewing it back together. I am afraid to pick up the pieces.
The pain is excruciating, It is so intense i go numb.
I love him I think. Yes I do, I affirm my thoughts. But he doesn’t love me the same. He tells me am complicated, I am too strange, I am Bossy, I am different, I am confused. He challenges me- where will you go?
It hurts to say goodbye.
The sacrifices I made are now a thing of the past. Why can;t I get over the fact that he will not change?
Why do I cling to something that might never work out.
If I never move on I will never know if I will regret this move or not. I will never learn rejection, I will never learn what true love is. I will never allow someone who really loves me to be part of my life.
Looking back is a disease I have. letting go might be hard but it is a necessary good in this case.
I chose to be happy, to live my life to the fullest. i am tired of feeling bogged down, of feeling stagnant.


Goodbye Dread

Since I was young, we have been good friends, you have stopped me from doing daring things and maybe saved me from heartache in some instances.
But you always hoover around me like a thief, slowly stealing my joy. You consistently remind me of your friend Regret. You stop me from being me. I have a lot of life in me but you like hiding me from the real world.
I am always tucked away at the shadows in the corner while the sun bursts out with energy outside my cell.
Goodbye Dread, it is not you, its me. We are better off living separate lives. I have found a new friends Joy and Now.

Goodbye Dread


I want to look into your eyes and see your fears, your doubts, your regrets, your pain. I want to see who you really are. But you always give me your back and hide your face from me.

As I stretch to reach out and smile to invite you in, you turn and give me a stern look. “This is no game” you say and I coil back to my cocoon and give you my back.

Now we are looking at different directions, we don’t even look at each other, we have been absorbed by our own two worlds. I turn to look, hoping to find you there waiting with a smile and perhaps hands stretched out to receive me. *sigh*

You are no longer there, you went and left me with no back to turn to.

No one else, nothing else

Nothing else can be compared to the beauty of the setting sun except for your smile.Nothing else makes my heart beat so fast
Nothing else makes my blood rush
Nothing else is as soft as a rose petal except the touch of your lips.
Nothing is as smooth as your touch.
Nothing is as contagious as your deep laughter.
Nothing is as captivating as your eyes.
Nothing else intrigues me as listening to you.
Nothing else reverberates through my mind than the instances you say hi and bye.
Nothing is as exciting as walking next to you.
Nothing is as satisfying as sharing a meal with you.
Nothing is as lovely as you taking my hands and washing them before a meal.
Nothing is as cute as you imitating me.
Nothing is as powerful as when you take my hand and bow down in prayer.
Nothing is as silly as the look on your face when you try looking serious.
Nothing is as serene as watching the moon and the stars with you.
Nothing is as warm as your hug.
Nothing else matters.
Nothing else exists in my world.
Nothing else makes me happy than being with you.
Nothing else.
Nothing else but you.

The rain

I am seated finishing my work. The lights flicker.I dont even seem to notice. The ghost busters song is playing in the background.I smile,i think of the good old days when ghost busting looked like a viable profession.hehe I laugh to myself. Suddenly I am engulfed in darkness. Arrgh! not again, I lament. Tricky situation, the last song that was playing in my head was the ghost buster song. I start to wonder if there could be ghosts in the office. my heart rate is rapidly progressing to fear.i pull it back to sanity.i check my battery charge.i only have 10 minutes. 10 minutes? I start saving my work,but wait,I hear a knock at the window.My teeth start chattering in fright. oh my, whats going to happen to me?